The mission of the company - Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A.

• The highest quality

Our goal is to produce fasteners of the highest quality, using modern devices, and maintaining the highest production standards. Experienced engineering staff ensures that each product passes the required quality tests.

• Individual approach

In Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A. we are open to challenges. That is why we fill every, even the most complex order. It allows us to constantly expand the range of manufactured products. We are committed to delivering satisfaction to our customers resulting in the quality of our products.

• Eco-management

For Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A. ecology is important. We are constantly developing programs aimed at reducing the environmental impact of production, such as waste generation or energy and water consumption.

• Constant improvement

We base our activities on the concept of Total Quality Management, assuming that every factor in the enterprise and its environment has an impact on quality. All of our employees participate in this process. The goal is to achieve long-term success, resulting from customer satisfaction and benefits for the organization and society.

The company's vision - Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A.

The vision of Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A.reflects our commitment to creating a better workplace, building a strong market position, and investing in employee development. Based on our achievements, we want to establish our business presence in other markets and industries in which our products may be used.

We strive for business excellence, by increasing our potential and company value, through innovative solutions and a professional team of production specialists.
Solvera Gaweł Technology S.A. means:

  • An innovative company implementing effective system solutions at every management level
  • A modern and effective infrastructure supporting optimization of production processes
  • A professional team that effectively fulfills individual customer needs and objectives
  • An expanded, thriving international sales and distribution network
  • A safe company providing comfortable working conditions
  • An enterprise that conducts operations with care for the natural environment
  • Continuous development and improvement of competences and skills of the entire staff