In our machine park, we possess 73 modern presses including 20 multi-operational machines, produced by the most renowned manufacturers. All machines are equipped with work monitoring systems activated during production, which ensures process stability. In case of any problem, the system automatically stops the operation of the machine and minimizes the possibility of the manufacture of defective products. The range of input material (feedstock) diameters varies from 1,7mm to 12mm. For production, we use low-alloy structural steels, high-alloy nickel-chromium steels, heat-resistant steels, and copper and aluminum alloys. A wide range of machine types and scopes, allows us to offer a broad selection of products including bolts, metric and thread-forming screws, screws for wood and plastic materials as well as rivets and pins. Our monthly production capacity is over 300 000 000 units.


The company currently has 61 high-class rolling mills, allowing for the production of screw threads of different shapes with the diameter ranging from 2mm to 12mm. Production includes metric and thread-forming screws, screws for wood and plastic materials, both according to available standards and special customer requirements. The machines are equipped with quality monitoring systems, ensuring stable machine operation and limiting the possibility of manufacture of non-conforming products. In case of any irregularities in the production process, the system automatically stops the machine. Monthly production capacity reaches 270 000 000 pcs of products.

Heat treatment

The company possesses its own, fully automatic SecoWarwick® heat treatment line, equipped with an automatically modified protective atmosphere and temperature control system. Products manufactured in the company are subjected to toughening or carbonitriding and then tempering to obtain certain mechanical properties. Process visualization available at the control panel enables the operator to monitor current machine parameters and guarantees compliance of given parameters with requirements. The production capacity of the line is over 400kg of materials per hour.


We make corrosion-resistant coatings based on Dörken’s license. Automatic FORPLAN’s line ensures stability and repeatability of the coating application process guaranteeing that the highest requirements regarding corrosion resistance of manufactured products are met. We also supply products made using other coatings such as galvanic zinc, zinc-nickel, and other special coatings according to customer requirements.


To ensure the highest quality of delivered products, the company conducts 100% optical selection, which allows us to verify the compliance of products with the technical documentation and guarantees trouble-free use during the assembly process on the production line. The machine park counts 30 sorting machines with an efficiency of over 8 million psc of products per day.


Products are packed on automatic packaging lines following the requirements of customers regarding the types of packaging and labeling. We pack products in standard carton boxes, containers provided by the customer, as well as plastic bags.