1. The range of activities of the mechanical workshop

Mechanical testing of metal alloys and fasteners.

  • Static tensile test (fasteners, flat elements, and wires) at ambient temperature up to max. load 50 kN,
  • Technological compression (upsetting) test,
  • Determination and measurement of torque when tightening fasteners with the thread,
  • Hardness measurements using the Vickers method in the range of HV0.01-HV10, point measurement of the hardness distribution along a section or on the surface,
  • Carbonization and decarburization testing by the hardness method,
  • Measurement of the thickness of the hardened diffusion layer,
  • Testing of the torque / clamping force relation (up to 200 Nm) - determination of the coefficient of friction on fasteners.

The Laboratory has the accreditation of the Polish Center for Accreditation AB 1615 in the field of Vickers hardness tests and tensile strength of metals, metal alloys, construction products, and fasteners.

1. The main equipment of the mechanical workshop

The laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation ensuring the following tests:

  • ZWICK Z50 testing machine,
  • STRUERS DURA SCAN 70G hardness tester,
  • Tooling for Desoutter CVI3 torque testing,
  • INNOVATEST NEXUS 400D hardness tester,
  • KISTLER clamping force sensor for coefficient of friction testing,