1. The range of activities of the metallographic workshop

Metallographic testing of metal alloys and fasteners:

  • Microscopic examinations using microscopic correlation (light microscope + scanning microscope + EDX probe),,
  • Determination of the depth of decarburized and carburized layers,
  • Spectral analysis by emission spectrometry, determination of material grade,
  • Microscopic measurement of coating thickness.

2. The main equipment of the metallographic workshop

The workshop is equipped with modern instrumentation:

  • Cutting machine, press for metallographic samples, polishing machine,
  • Phenom XL scanning electron microscope,
  • ZEISS EVO / MA10 light microscope,
  • ZEISS AXIO LAB A1 light microscope,/li>
  • MANTIS elite stereo microscope,
  • Keyence digital microscope.