1. Physical Properties Workshop of the physical property workshop

Testing of physical properties and measurement of metallic layers:

  • Salt spray corrosion resistance tests of coatings, metals, and their alloys, coatings of construction products, fasteners.
  • Testing resistance to temperature and humidity changes - climatic tests.
  • Measurement of thicknesses of zinc, zinc-nickel, copper, and nickel layers by the X-ray fluorescence method.
  • Determination of the temperature and time of phase transitions during heating and cooling up to 1400 ºC.

2. The main equipment of the laboratory of physical quantities

The laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation:

  • ASCOTT S450 XP salt chamber,
  • ASCOTT CC450 IP cycle chamber,
  • Weisstechnik LabEvent climate test chamber,
  • X-RAY X-Strata 960,
  • Linseis L75 dilatometer,
  • Spektrometr S7 METAL LAB PLUS