Quality System

The Laboratory of the Research and Development Centre has implemented a management system meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO 17025:2018-02: "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" and has the technical competence to perform the tests specified in the Accreditation Number AB 1615, confirmed by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

The quality objectives formulated in the Quality Policy Statement form the basis for the functioning, improvement, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the laboratory management system. The main purpose of the Laboratory is to meet the expectations of the Customers obtained by recognizing their needs and requirements. Research services are performed at the highest level following the best laboratory practice. The use of recognized and proven test methods ensures that all of the required standards are met. Moreover, supervision over quality control and the maintenance of measurement consistency guarantee of reliable test results.


Our Laboratory employs experienced and qualified staff supervised and evaluated by auditors of the Polish Centre for Accreditation. The employees take part in internal and external training as well as interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency tests. The Laboratory is equipped with high-quality modern research and measurement devices that guarantee the professional performance of tests regardless of their complexity. The organizational and working conditions of the Laboratory guarantee full confidentiality of the performed tests.

Many years of experience, educated staff, as well as obtained accreditation are a guarantee of high quality of performed research.

Information for customers regarding the submission of complaints

Laboratory of the Research and Development Center works closely with the client and complies with the terms of the contract. The laboratory each time makes arrangements with the client regarding the scope of the tests, as well as ensures the implementation of tests using methods that guarantee the reliability and objectivity of the results. The laboratory always reviews the feasibility of fulfilling the order before accepting it and provides the Client with the confidentiality of the tests at every stage of their implementation. The customer always has the option to file a complaint against the Laboratory. The customer always has the option to file a complaint against the Laboratory.

Laboratory of the Research and Development Center accepts the principle that the Client or other party submitting a complaint is always guided by a justified and objective basis for its submission. The laboratory examines all written complaints received from clients or third parties. The customer has the right to lodge a complaint in writing or to the following address: laboratorium@solvera.pl

Complaints are considered in accordance with the PO-01 procedure established in the Laboratory and in accordance with the principles set out in Annex Z-01 / PO-01 Complaints and complaints.